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Top 7 Reasons to Relocate to Jacksonville, FL

The urban skyline of Jacksonville, Florida with the St. John’s River dividing the city shot from an altitude of about 1000 feet over the city.

If you think that Jacksonville, FL may be the right place for you to relocate your home, it’s important to find a realtor who has a lot of experience with relocating because Jacksonville has been slowly growing its population over the last few years and is showing no signs of stopping any time soon. With 874 square miles spread out over three counties, there are plenty of different options when it comes to living in Jacksonville from elevated single-family homes to mid-rise condominiums or luxury apartments. The city itself is a melting pot; its people are diverse but friendly, making Jacksonville one of the most attractive places for relocating families as well as retirees. And with warm winters and relatively few storms each year, it’s easy to see why so many people want to relocate here!

1) Strong Economy and Jobs

There are many convincing reasons to move to Jacksonville, but one of the strongest is the economic health and abundance of well-paying jobs. The city is home to major employers like Fidelity Investments, Aetna, Johnson & Johnson, and Mayo Clinic, not to mention the growing tech sector and a large military base. Job growth over the next 10 years is predicted to be over 44%, nearly 10 points higher than the national average. In March of 2021, an unemployment rate of just 3.7% was reported – well below the national average.

2) Reasonable Cost of Living

There are many convincing reasons to move to Jacksonville, but one of the strongest is the economic health and abundance of well-paying jobs. The city is home to major employers like Fidelity Investments, Aetna, Johnson & Johnson, and Mayo Clinic, not to mention the growing tech sector and a large military base. Job growth over the next 10 years is predicted to be over 44%, nearly 10 points higher than the national average. In March of 2021, an unemployment rate of just 3.7% was reported – well below the national average.

3) Affordable & Various Housing Options

Jacksonville has many housing options for you to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for single-family homes, luxury townhomes, or estate-style living and all of the amenities that come along with these options, there’s a housing option to suit your preferences and budget. With houses costing well below the national average, newcomers who are relocating from other metros will find that their dollar stretches much further here in Jacksonville where they are able to buy their dream home for a fraction of the cost than what they were paying back home.

4) Great Location

Another factor that influences the decision of my new residents is Jacksonville’s ideal location. It is located in Northern Florida just south of the Georgia border and benefits from easy access to many of The South’s major hubs — like Orlando, Savannah, Hilton Head, Charleston and Atlanta — within a few hours’ drive. Because the city is slightly set back from the coastline, it doesn’t often suffer directly from hurricanes therefore residents can easily enjoy all that Florida has to offer without having to worry too much about major weather events.

5) Beautiful Weather

Jackson, Wyoming has the type of weather that many people dream of when other parts of the country are dealing with freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, Jackson does get pretty hot in the summer months as there is little to no rainfall. However, because it’s surrounded by a lot of trees and opens fields, the temperature typically stays well regulated with cool ocean breezes blowing throughout. The rest of the year is much milder, with winter highs only reaching into the low 60s and rarely dropping below freezing. While this may seem cold to those who aren’t used to it, it actually only happens a few times and for short periods every year.

6) Top-Rated Schools

Jacksonville is the 15th fastest growing city in the United States, offering a perfectly pleasant 4-season climate and booming real estate market. There are many excellent schools in Jacksonville where students will be able to have all their learning needs met in a modern, collaborative environment with plenty of extra curricular options. You can rest assured your kids are being given a top quality education from dedicated teachers at these schools, whether public or private!

7) Outdoor Activities

Jacksonville residents, or Jaxsons as they are sometimes referred to, spend a great deal of their time enjoying the many activities that the warm weather allows. One such way is of course by spending time at the beach! Sand and water make for an enjoyable getaway that one can do a variety of things at such as surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, diving, boating and fishing to name just a few. Plus don’t forget about Jacksonville’s coastal shores which is where one can explore the many different activities all along the 22 miles of sandy beaches. When you live in Jacksonville there are also several more ways to enjoy the water, like via the St. Johns River or even with 1,110 miles of navigable waterways known as The Intracoastal Waterway. There are plenty of opportunities for people in Jacksonville to spend time outside without actually being near water or down at the beach – there’s no limit to what you could do with nature when living here!

Real Estate Articles

Should You Sell Your House for Cash?

Should you sell your house for cash? Or is it a trap you might regret for many years to come?

“Everyone seems to be getting into the house buying a business: Realtors, builders, mortgage brokers, and of course, home flippers and real estate investors. A rash of “We Buy Houses” companies with slick websites and lots of fancy advertising is promoting how easy it is to get money for any house in any condition without even fixing it up first.

Why You Should Sell Your Home For Cash

Consumers are increasingly seeking alternatives to traditional financing when purchasing large ticket items like new or used homes. While some see the value in consulting a lender, other individuals may prefer an unsecured option that allows them to purchase what they wish, when they wish. The following are five reasons why you may wish to consider investing extra time researching the cash home buying property market before entering into a contract with a mortgage company.

The big promise with a cash-for-home sale service is that you won’t have to wait long and find out how much you’ll get for your property, or be trying to navigate the sometimes complicated world of selling through a traditional real estate agency which often involves coming up with buyer each step of the way. Some companies make rapid offers, others like to inspect the condition of your home first before they decide on how much to offer for it. However, no firm will make an offer until you’ve confirmed that any necessary repairs have been made and then give them permission to carry out an inspection of the property – which is usually carried out by a third party just to ensure that their assessment matches yours and there are no nasty surprises!

The big lure of this way to sell a home is ease. It’s nice to know that your closing is coming up, and you can make new life plans. Truly all-cash buyers can typically close within a few days, providing they can arrange to finance, arrange title work and insurance appraisals and inspections and have access to a closing agent who is able to accommodate the closing.

These buyers typically won’t require any significant repairs or updates to be made. This helps many homeowners who are selling their homes to see a return on their investment and make sure they aren’t having to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses when it comes time to put the home under contract. Since these buyers are typically renovators, they might have some creative plans in mind regarding how they want the interior of your residential property decorated and designed. Since they are paying extra for the property that you own, they might also expect you to let them decorate the home with items of their choosing or paint the walls a color of their choosing as part of adding value to the home themselves through renovations prior to resale.

Should You Sell Your House for Cash? The Cons

Low Purchase Offers

These buyers are willing to buy quickly because they want to be able to find undervalued properties and then resell them for a quick profit. Sometimes they’ll remodel and remarket them.

In other cases, they may renovate and rent them out. Whatever their end game, they are looking to pay as little as possible. Often the goal is to buy homes at no more than 50% to 30% less than they can be resold for.

A Sale is Still Not Guaranteed

Even with the promise of a relatively quick closing and an all-cash transaction, there is still no hard guarantee of closing until the deal is signed. Some of these advertisers may really have the money they intend to close quickly. Others are under pressure to get your property under contract, just so they can then go shop it around to try and find someone who will pay more for it. If they don’t find someone in that time frame, they will let the contract expire – wasting your time and adding extra stress on top of everything else you had to deal with when trying to sell your home

Deduct Repairs & Improvements from Your Price

As a home seller in a hot market, you must expect that your sellers will be more discerning of what they want to see. They aren’t going to buy your home unless it fits their needs perfectly. Expect them to make requests and suggestions, but also know that they may need repairs completed or for furniture to be removed. While these requests might make the process of selling your property harder, know that these expectations will decrease the price you’re able to command from buyers because of the cost involved in either completing these tasks or removing unwanted furniture before an open house can take place. It’s important – as a homeowner with a hot property on the market – not to be resentful about spending good money on making improvements or pulling undesirable pieces out of sight when necessary so as not to devalue your home, since after all, no one wants to buy something that poses maintenance challenges even if those challenges are fixable and temporary in nature.

You Don’t Get Competing Bidders

Unlike selling your home through a realtor, if you decide to sell without assistance from the real estate industry, you’re only going to be able to choose one offer from a limited amount of potential buyers. Alternatively, you may also have to contact interested parties personally, speak with them and possibly meet with numerous people in your home so they can figure out whether or not they want to buy it. This is more time-consuming than simply paying a commission fee and letting an agent handle everything for you by publicly listing your property to be seen by multiple parties therefore the best option is usually to hire a realtor because they can help maximize the price of your property, meaning you will receive more money for it and don‘t need to use as much of your valuable time.

Ultimately, if you are in a desperate situation, have lots of home equity or own your home free and clear, and need to sell in the next couple weeks – selling your house for cash may be worth the gamble, if you can stomach the price.

Sell My House Fast in Jacksonville FL

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Real Estate Articles

How Home Buyers Decide on Buying Your House

Most prospective home buyers are attracted to the low cost of real estate – it’s actually cheaper to buy than rent most of the time! However, people also purchase homes for a whole lot of other reasons too. Usually it’s because they want their own space, but sometimes it can be because of how much money they’ve got left in the bank at the end of each month and whether or not a house is actually more affordable than paying rent for example.

Characteristics of Home Buyers

Buying your first home isn’t always easy, but it is necessary if you want to secure a future for yourself and your family. As a first-time buyer you should remember to keep in mind how important it is to have someone on your side who can help guide you through the process of making such an important decision. The typical first-time buyer these days is 33 years old, while the typical repeat-buyer age rose to an all-time high of 56 years old, which means that as a consumer today you’re going to have more options at your disposal when it comes down deciding what kind of home or real estate property suits you best.

Characteristics of Homes Purchased

Home buyers know to shine light on 4 factors: value, cost, home condition and renovations. Most recent buyers who purchased new homes were looking to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing or electricity at 36%. This was followed by an interest in paying less for the same quality of living (29%). Buyers who purchased previously-owned homes were most often considering a better overall value at 38% as opposed to more money where 19% highlighted it as their reasoning for purchasing. The typical home that was recently purchased was 1,900 square feet, had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and was built in 1993. Homebuyers are finding what they need while saving their hard earned cash on properties they love!

The Home Search Process

Of the real estate market, 41% of all homeowners took the first step by searching online to view properties for sale and 19% took their search a step further and contacted a real estate agent or broker. While buyers looked at a median average of 8 homes during their search, they did so online by viewing three listings in particular that they liked. Nearly all buyers (95%) used online tools in their home buying process, which seems to indicate just how much potential this type of tool has in this industry. When asked about the experience, 94% said they were somewhat satisfied with their recent home buying purchase.

Home Buying and Real Estate Professionals

It is common knowledge that most people who are looking to buy a new home tend to purchase it through an agent rather than working directly with a builder. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report, 87% of buyers recently purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker, and 7% purchased directly from a builder or builder’s agent. Although most homes were sold through a real estate agent or broker, the reason why most people buy from an agent is because they don’t know what to look for in ordering a house (52%). The preferred way of choosing an agent is by word of mouth (73%). Once you’ve chosen an agent, it’s very likely you will use this person again if you ever plan on selling or buying anything.

Financing the Home Purchase

61% of buyers purchased their homes using the proceeds from selling their previous homes. 56%of recent first-time homebuyers acquired a downpayment through their savings account. Another 28% of recent first-time homebuyers purchased their new home using a gift or loan from friends and family as a down payment or closing cost assistance. The vast majority of both first time (87%) and repeat (83%) buyers funded the purchase with a mortgage.

Home Sellers and Their Selling Experience

For most sellers, the biggest motivation to sell their house was to live closer to friends and family (18%), followed by homes that are too small or in neighborhoods that have seen their quality decline over time (11%).

For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) Sellers

Only one in five sellers decides to go with a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) approach for the home sale process, meaning that the majority of homes are sold through agents.

Keep these statistics in mind when you’re planning to sell your home yourself