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How Can I Sell My Old House Fast?

You should consider buying a new home before deciding to sell your existing one. Selling your old house at the same time as buying a new one is ideal, but you may have to wait until you move before you can sell it. Here are some tips to sell your old house fast.

Selling to a cash buyer

If you want to consider selling your old house quickly, you may want to sell your home to a cash buyer. These companies can help you get rid of your old property fast without going through the lengthy process of selling your house on the open market. They can help you draft the purchase contract and secure title insurance and can close within two weeks. However, you must be careful to get multiple offers before accepting one. Moreover, you can’t expect the cash offer to be final until the contract has been signed.

Before you sell to a cash buyer, you must negotiate the price of the property, the closing date, and earnest money, if applicable. Additionally, you will need to confirm the cash buyer’s financial capability. A bank statement or a letter from a private lender might be used as proof of finances. In most cases, cash deals are done over the phone. You will have to provide an accurate description of the property in order to ensure that the cash buyer is the right one for the deal.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Your House to a Cash Buyer

A quick and simple way to get rid of your property is to sell it to a cash home buyer. But before you agree to sell, there are a few things you ought to consider.


  • Processes are frequently sped up by cash buyers. 
  • You don’t need to make any repairs before selling your house.
  • No need to worry about getting a mortgage or finding a buyer who can qualify for one.
  • Cash buyers are often more willing to negotiate the sale price of your home.
  • You’ll receive your money just a few days after closing, instead of waiting weeks or months.


  • You might not sell your house for the highest price.
  • The sale might not go through if the cash buyer can’t get financing.
  • There’s no guarantee that the cash buyer will fix up your home to their standards.
  • The closing process might take longer than with a traditional sale.
  • You’ll have to vacate your home during the closing process.

Selling to a real estate agent

Unless you’re a real estate expert, selling to a real estate agent to sell old houses fast is probably not the best option. Not only do you lose control over the entire process, but you’ll also lose control of pricing and incentives. Agents charge a fee of about five percent (5%) of the selling price, with half of that going to the buyer’s agent. Fortunately, there are ways to get the best price on an old house without enlisting the help of a real estate agent.

  • Compare the prices of homes in your area.
  • Research home values in the neighborhood and find out what similar homes have sold for.
  • Get a home inspection to identify any potential problems that could affect the sale price.
  • Have your house professionally cleaned and staged for potential buyers.
  • Price your home realistically and be willing to negotiate.
  • Don’t give up if your first offer is rejected – keep negotiating until you reach an agreement.


FSBO, or For Sale By Owner, is a process where homeowners sell their property without the help of a real estate agent. FSBO can be a great way to save on commission fees, but it is also a lot of work. Homeowners need to take on the responsibilities of marketing their property, negotiating with buyers, and dealing with the paperwork. FSBO is not for everyone, but it can be a great option for people who are willing to put in the extra effort.

  • Tips for getting your home ready to sell
  • Have a professional come in and give your home a thorough cleaning.
  • Declutter and organize your belongings to make the space look cleaner.
  • Repair any damage that needs to be fixed, including holes in the walls or broken windows.
  • Freshen up your home’s exterior with a new coat of paint or some landscaping work.
  • Price your home appropriately – you don’t want to ask for too much or too little.

Selling without an agent is not for everyone, and it takes a significant amount of time. It can also result in higher concessions from the seller. It’s important to remember that FSBO is a viable option for some home sellers.

Selling to an investor

Before you sell your old house to an investor, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Investors want to buy homes because they can turn a profit. Therefore, they won’t give you a premium price for it, but they will likely offer a price that you can live with. However, be aware that the amount of profit you’ll receive may not be as high as you expect. You’ll also need to prepare yourself for potential delays while negotiating with the investor.

A home that doesn’t meet the standards of a traditional buyer is likely to not qualify for financing. Additionally, you’ll find it difficult to sell a home if it’s not up to code. Selling to an investor can make sense if you need to make repairs, but it’s important to remember that investors can’t move in right away. That means you’ll have more control over the closing date, which is beneficial if you’re on a strict timeline.

Selling to a “We Buy Houses” company

When it comes to selling a home for cash, you may have many options. Although you have to be ready to accept the final price, you may be able to sell your home for more than you expected. However, selling to a cash buyer has some disadvantages, including lower offers than traditional real estate transactions. Most cash home buyers use proprietary algorithms to determine the value of a home. They generally want to resell the house as soon as possible, and so their offers are lower than what the market value is.

The main advantage of selling to a “We Buy Houses” company is that you can save time and hassle. Most of these companies buy houses for cash at a discounted price, and then repair and resell them for a profit. However, if you’re trying to get the most value for your home, you’ll want to look for a local company. Large investment companies usually only serve major cities and auto-generate offers for houses based on their location.


If you’re looking to sell your old house fast, there are a few options available to you. You can sell to a cash buyer, through a real estate agent, or attempt to go FSBO. No matter which route you choose, it’s important that your home is in good condition and well-presented if you want to get the best price possible. We hope this article has given you some useful tips for getting your home ready to sell. 

If you have any questions or need help getting started, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today so we can give you a fair cash offer.

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Are “We Buy Houses” companies legitimate?

Are “We Buy Houses” companies fraudulent? Many homeowners have been wondering this ever since the housing market collapsed. In this post, we’ll take a look at what these businesses are all about and see if they’re legitimate or not. We’ll also provide some tips for those considering selling their home to one of these companies. 

So, whether you’re thinking about selling your home yourself or through a company, read on for information that can help you make the best decision for your situation.

What exactly do “We Buy Houses” companies do?

We Buy Houses” companies are investors that purchase properties directly from sellers. These companies usually offer to pay cash for the property and close quickly, without the need for repairs or renovations. 

These companies typically buy properties that are in foreclosure, have been damaged by natural disasters, or are otherwise considered to be “distressed.”

In some cases, they may also purchase properties that are not in foreclosure but are still in need of major repairs. They often advertise their services by placing signs on the properties they have purchased or by sending direct mailings to homeowners in target areas. 

They do not use real estate agents or brokers, and they often do not disclose their fees upfront. These companies are subject to both state and federal control, and they are required to abide by all relevant rules and laws. As a result, homeowners that need to sell their property quickly may find that these companies are a wonderful option.

How can you tell whether a “We Buy Houses” company is reliable?

A huge number of investors are popping up all over the country, and it can be hard to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are not. Here are a few things to look for that can help you determine if a company is legitimate:

  • Be sure to have a physical location you can verify.

  • They have a Better Business Bureau rating.

  • Have positive reviews from past clients or online.

  • They have a clear and concise explanation of their business model.

A company is probably legitimate if it satisfies all of these requirements. However, it is always important to do your own research before doing business with any company, especially one that involves such a large financial transaction.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Employing a “We Buy Houses” Company

Are you considering using a “We Buy Houses” company to sell your home? If so, you’re not alone. A growing number of homeowners are turning to these companies in order to get their homes sold quickly and at a fair price. 

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to working with a “We Buy Houses” company, so it’s crucial to be aware of them before making a decision.

The Benefits of Using “We Buy Houses”

  • Quick and simple method of selling your house.

  • You don’t need to stress about maintaining or making repairs to your house.

  • There are no fees or commissions to pay.

  • You can sell your home as-is, regardless of its condition

  • You can receive the money from the sale in as little as seven days

  • You don’t have to deal with any real estate agents or brokers

The Drawbacks of Using “We Buy Houses”

  • Your home may not sell for the highest possible price.

  • The company does not have a solid reputation.

  • You may have trouble finding a reliable business.

  • The process may take longer than expected

  • You may have to make repairs or renovations before selling

  • You may not be able to sell your home in a timely manner

What to do if you’re considering using a We Buy Houses company

If you’re considering using a “We Buy Houses” company, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, check to verify if the business has a license in your state. You can do this by checking with your state’s real estate commission or contacting the company directly.

Second, make sure you understand the agreement’s terms. What fees will you be responsible for? What happens if you change your mind after signing the contract? Before taking any action, be sure to ask these questions.

Finally, get everything in writing. This includes the sale price as well as any repairs or renovations that need to be made before the sale is final. By taking these steps, you can protect yourself from potential scams and ensure that you get the best possible deal when selling your home.

Alternative to “We Buy Houses” company

There are a number of alternatives to using a We Buy Houses company. These include private sales, real estate agent, or property management companies.

Private sale

When the property owner lists and sells the house themselves without involving a third party. This option is often used when the property owner owes little to no money on the mortgage, doesn’t need to sell in a hurry, or is otherwise in a good position to list and show their own home.

Real estate agent

Someone who is licensed and trained in helping people list, market, and sell their properties. This option can take some time, but it typically results in a higher sales price.

Property management companies

These are businesses that oversee the day-to-day operations of rental properties on behalf of their owners.


We Buy Houses companies have been growing in popularity recently as more and more homeowners find themselves in difficult situations. However, it can be difficult to know whether or not a company is legitimate and trustworthy. In this post, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of working with a “We Buy Houses” company so that you can make an informed decision if this is the right option for you.

Let us know what you think about these companies—do you believe they are helpful for homeowners in need?

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How Can I Sell My House Fast for Market Value?

Selling your home can be challenging if you’ve never done it before. Agents will ask about the upkeep and maintenance of your home, opening closets and cupboards to see what’s inside, and they will try walking through each room of your house. Even though this all might feel a bit invasive or uncomfortable because agents are criticizing a place that has probably become more than just four walls and a roof to you: they know their job is to get the best price for selling your home; which means it’s not personal! Don’t take any of their criticism too personally because they’re not trying to offend you – they’re trying to sell your house!

The first time you sell your home, there’s a lot to learn. You must understand how the market functions and make a plan for pricing and negotiating. These can be mistakes that infect every minor detail of your move, but with a little knowledge, you may be able to avoid them as follows:

Getting Emotional

It’s easy to get emotional about selling your home, especially if it’s your first one. Most people take upon a big responsibility when they get their first home and spend long hours finding the right one that fits all their needs! Lastly, many homeowners have a lot of memories stored in their homes related to personal or family events. However good or bad, emotions can become raw and difficult to handle during this period.

Think it’s impossible? Try not thinking of yourself as just the home owner! Extra bonus: Think of yourself like a business owner and salesperson who wants to sell their product and services. By looking at transaction from a purely financial perspective , you will distance yourself from the emotional aspects of selling your property.

It is important to remember how you were feeling when purchasing a home because the buyer will be going thought an emotional state during their process of owning the property too. If you remember that you are selling not only the house itself but an image and lifestyle, then you may be able to put in that extra bit of effort by thinking about staging and doing some remodeling around your home to give it a more appealing look. Don’t just think about making quick sales, instead provide evidence with photos to show off your work so that people can have a physical reminder of why they would want to own your home rather than forgetting it after already putting down a deposit on one they might be slightly less satisfied with!

What to Do If You Don’t Use a Real Estate Agent

Selling your home on the market is much like selling yourself to an agent. You’re not doing it because you need to, but because you want to . However, when you list a property for sale by owner, it’s possible for someone else to try and take advantage of that and overprice their property. It’s important to be able to value your own pricing and not let others tell you otherwise (they will if they want the sale). And if someone does try and put a heavy markup on their unit, remind them that an agent usually only costs 1% of the listing price (the commission). So if they are going to carry the extra weight of fees from overhead costs alone , then they should pay attention to other factors of real estate in terms of pricing.

In order to attract more buyers, you’ll want to make sure that your house is placed on all of the relevant property listing services as soon as possible. All of these online platforms appeal to a wide demographic, so if you don’t at least appear on them, chances are that there may be someone else out there with a similar home who will heavily out-advertise you and steal their potential customers away. This can be frustrating and stressful for any seller, but we understand that you have limited resources available to support yourself financially during this exciting time in your life. This is why it’s important for you to take advantage of what tools are available for free to help boost your visibility among prospective buyers within your own community – especially since many sellers try their best not give a discount or reduce price tags.

Setting an Unrealistic Price

If you’re considering selling your home or business in the near future, the time to act is now. The last thing you want is to be left behind when a property boom happens in your neighborhood or industry on account of not getting your asking price locked down early enough. By coming to an agreement on a fair price at this stage of things, you can avoid potential issues over pricing once more enthusiastic buyers emerge and compete for the same properties via greater bids. With that in mind, remember that recent comparable real estate sales are an excellent indicator of market value – since these properties were purchased by non-distressed customers who understand the worth of property under normal circumstances. So use this trick to help you figure out what you should sell your house for, and think about how quickly are you willing to make the move if accepted by a buyer!

Don’t worry so much about how to price your home because in the end it will sell for whatever its actual market value is. Especially if you are getting multiple offers it could sell above its market rate which is always a great thing. Better deals on your house means better returns!

Expecting the Asking Price

Any smart buyer will negotiate and sometimes play dirty. In order to complete the purchase, you may have to take out your glove and play dirty too! This may sound evil to some, but most sellers want their homes to sell while they are still at an affordable price. We understand that the homeowner might not see this as such an urgency, but buyers often tick down prices at each stage until they get their target number or until the homeowner raises above it. Sellers can even empower buyers by underpricing slightly in order to give buyers a pleasant feeling of getting great value for excellent savings – again, not right in our book because what happens is that this will leave you with little or nothing at the end of your closing day.

While it’s important to have a good idea of your home’s market value, it’s also important to realise that there are other factors that could affect the selling price. For instance, buying power and demand will depend on whether you are in a buyer’s market or seller’s market and whether your property is prime for sale or not.

Selling During Winter Months

You may have heard people say “winter is coming”, and indeed it does mean something in the real estate industry: the cold season is not exactly a great time to sell houses. The reason for this is that most potential buyers look online to get home pricing information and then decide when to schedule viewings – due to time constraints or simply because they’d prefer not to go out of doors, fewer people are browsing active listings during the cold months. And if those sellers brave enough to put up their property for sale happen to be in the same neighborhood, you can bet other sales will suffer major consequences. That’s why winter is rightfully considered a non-active period in real estate markets, but while this might be bad news for homeowners’ wallets, it’s good news for buyers who won’t find themselves fighting on too many fronts at once!

Unless you have a specific reason to list your current home in the winter or holidays, you might be better off listing it when the weather begins to warm up. Spring and summer are typically busier seasons for people looking to buy or sell homes.

Hiding Major Problems

If you have a problem with your property, one of the choices that are open to you is to either fix the problem ahead of time before it becomes a major issue (because it probably will) or price below market value so that any problems with the property can be fixed at little or no cost to you – but only if buyers are aware of these issues up-front. Alternatively, if you want to get top dollar for your home and don’t mind paying cash to fix things that may turn off some potential buyers (that’s their loss!) then list the home at a normal price and let interested parties know that they’re free to take advantage of an additional credit on closing day if they choose to fix outstanding problems.

When you plan to sell your home, you must take into account the more expensive renovations that are sure to occur before your property can go on the market. These types of costs should be estimated in advance by having a professional residential engineer look over the layout and features, much like one would have a physician check for any health risks before making an investment in a person. Remember: if you don’t fix the problem in advance, you may eliminate a fair number of buyers who want turnkey homes. Having your home inspected before listing is a good idea if you want to avoid costly surprises after the home is under contract. Further, many states have disclosure rules.

Should You Sell Your Home for Cash?

Selling your home for cash is a quick and easy way to avoid some of the worst headaches of house-selling. Because you’re focused on unloading the property quickly, it means you won’t have to worry about staging the interiors and making all the necessary repairs before putting your house on the market. However, most cash buyers won’t give their offer to purchase until they know what state your property is really in because oftentimes people simply want to raise their value higher or lower depending on how well kept things are!

The Bottom Line

Selling a house is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Prepare yourself and your finances as much as possible for less-than-ideal scenarios, even if you don’t make any mistakes in the process of trying to sell your home. You may end up having to pay for two mortgages, rent out your home until you find a buyer, or even go through foreclosure if you let yourself get caught in these errant situations. Avoiding the costly mistakes detailed here will give you a long way to achieving that seamless, profitable sale for which every homeowner hopes when moving!