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Top Amenities in a House Home Buyers Are Looking For

top amenities in a house

There is a lot to consider, whether you are buying a new house to start your family or downsizing to live a comfortable retirement life. Location, the type of home that fits, spaces, and budget all come to mind.

However, what kind of amenities each home offers should be high on your priority list when looking for a home. 

This is where we came to our main topic of discussion. 

When buying a house, a buyer is simply not looking for a place to live. They are also looking for a home where everything is almost there. 

In Jacksonville alone, there are more than 55+ communities to choose from based on what amenities you would like.

While finding what amenities people are looking for the most is hard, we have created a list of the top amenities for every house in Jacksonville, FL, to help you out.

Top Amenities Home Buyers Are Looking For in a House

Jacksonville has a lot to offer, from beaches and walkable historical places to the laid-back waterfront. Because of these amenities’ accessibility, the current real estate market in Jacksonville, FL, is relatively competitive. 

Every city and state has extraordinary challenges as the seller has to deal with what the buyer expects from their purchase. 

Below are the top amenities buyers want in a house when moving to Jacksonville, FL.

Laundry Rooms

laundry room

More than anything else, if a family buys a house, they want a separate laundry room. A separate laundry room tops the list of most-wanted amenities for a homeowner. A separate laundry room helps the buyers keep all their mess out of their living room.

If the house doesn’t have a laundry room, the basement is a better place to make one. You will find all the utility lines there, and as most basements are unfinished, you wouldn’t need to demolish anything.

While you are at it, add good lighting and a utility sink. That will be where you can work on those heavy stains and dirty items.

Energy Efficiencies

Buyers are well aware of the energy consumption involved in maintaining a house. As a result, energy efficiency has caught the attention of home buyers looking for energy-conserving solutions.

Hence, the seller advised including as many energy-saving options as possible and upgrading the home to make it more energy efficient. By doing so, sellers will be able to attract more buyers for the house.

According to the remodeling cost vs. the value cost, installing fiberglass insulation will cost almost $2000. You may believe that this additional expense will reduce your profit. However, it’s the opposite. 

When you add an energy efficiency solution, buyers see the savings they can make soon and are willing to pay more. 



Buyers look at the backyard with the same excitement. They see the porch and the front area of the house. Hence, the seller must prepare the home’s backyard with the same effort.

In today’s housing market, especially when talking about Jacksonville, the outdoor living space has become a more prominent feature of the house.

People envision themselves sitting, doing barbecue events, and hosting birthday parties when they see an outdoor living space. 

With the popularity of house renovation reality shows, buyers have come to expect those eye-catching backyards.

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Exterior Lighting

exterior lightning

Mesmerizing exterior lighting that illuminates your lawn can help to highlight the house. In addition, it can help you instantly grab buyers’ attention even before they set foot in the place. In fact, for most buyers, outdoor lighting is a green signal to buy a house.

If we disregard aesthetics, external lighting is an added security feature. With exterior lighting, you also get sensor lighting that helps you know whether or not someone is lurking in your backyard.

Walk In Kitchen Pantry

Top Amenities in a House Home Buyers Are Looking For

A kitchen pantry is one of the amenities that is most sought after. Home buyers with families understand the importance of having a walk-in kitchen pantry. However, if the family grows over the years, they will need more space to store everything. 

Unlike the reach-in kitchen cabinet pantry with sliding doors, the walk-in pantry allows homeowners to store a significant amount of quality non-perishable food.

Walk-in pantries are usually 5X5, U-shaped open shelf cabinets for easy access. While at it, ensure that the walk-in pantry is located in the hard part or corner of the kitchen.

Front Porch

front porch

You would be surprised to know that 81% of the buyers are looking for a house with a front porch. A front porch is a place between the main door and the curb. Here, the homeowner can relax and watch the world go by.

A porch is one of the best places to rest and enjoy quiet time with family or alone. Because a patio is covered, it is an extended part of your living space. What’s more, it protects you from rain, and if it screens appropriately, it protects you from bugs.

A porch is an excellent add-on that attracts buyers and helps them make decisions faster.

Garage Storage Space

garage storage space

You must understand that buyers buying a house in Jacksonville to start a family will eventually need storage spaces. Even the family that is buying understands the fact. 

Homebuyers know their future needs and want to invest in them today. The seller needs to be proactive in the market and carve out some space for the garage to keep the clutter out of the central area.

While you are at it, ensure the additional space is easily accessible and accurately organized when the buyers are there for a tour. 

Yes, creating a storage space in the house may require a few thousand dollars, but the rate of return will be multiple folds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important amenities in a house for home buyers typically include a well-functioning kitchen, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, and a large backyard or outdoor space. Other popular amenities include energy-efficient features, a finished basement, and a home office.






Adding value to your home with amenities can include updates to the kitchen and bathrooms, adding energy-efficient features, finishing the basement, and adding outdoor living spaces such as a deck or patio.






Some unique amenities that can attract home buyers include a home gym, a pool, a sauna, or a hot tub. Smart home features, like a Nest thermostat or a keyless entry system, can also be a selling point.





The most popular amenities in new homes include open floor plans, large kitchens, and energy-efficient features such as solar panels or tankless water heaters. Walk-in closets and spa-like bathrooms are also becoming increasingly popular.





The top amenities in a house for families include a large backyard, a finished basement, a home office, and a well-functioning kitchen. A home close to good schools and parks can also be very attractive to families.





The top luxury amenities that home buyers are looking for are often high-end finishes such as marble countertops and hardwood floors, as well as custom features like wine cellars, home theaters, and indoor pools. Smart home technology, like a Nest thermostat or a keyless entry system, can also be considered a luxury amenity.





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